Design & Consulting Studio

We help companies realize how their creative dreams can become a reality. 

Design & Consulting Studio

We help companies realize how their creative dreams can become a reality. 

Providing solutions to your most complex design problems.

Our experienced and dependable design studio has the tools and skillset to tackle any project. Whether you need an updated website to market your new app, landing pages to drive leads, or a full UX/UI project; we are here to help.


Each project we take on at Kalapa involves a myriad of perspectives, qualifications, and strategies.

Our lean, interdisciplinary teams are ripe with valuable industry experience and have deep roots within the design communities. Even while remote, we work together in close collaboration with each other, and our clients. We innovate, gauge our progress through actionable feedback, and execute quickly to allow our clients to deliver transformational solutions to market at scale.

PM & Strategy

We provide full-scale design, development, and marketing solutions for our clients. Though we do focus primarily on the design and development aspects of a project, understanding the scale, strategy, brand definitions, and structure is paramount to the success of a product or service. Those elements may include, but are not limited to;


As designers and creatives, our primary focus is to build our clients the most modern, effective, and scalable product or service imaginable. We are deeply passionate about user experience and interface design and go to great lengths to build solutions that can stand the test of time. As we create pixel perfect and future-proof designs, some of the strategies we utilize are;

Marketing & More

Our founders created Kalapa Design Studio off the backs of their marketing backgrounds. Understanding the requirements to successfully market products and services digitally was critical. But they understood what many agencies do not; that having a unique, dependable, and capable design team to execute those marketing strategies, was the missing piece to the puzzle.

The World's Most Innovative Companies Work with Kalapa Design Studio

How to Work Together.

At Kalapa, we build and cultivate our client relationships through collaboration and by getting to know each other. This leads to every client and subsequent project turning into a unique experience. However, we find that there are four distinct methods for how we begin to build those relationships and choose with projects we want to work on.


If you have a specific need that you are ready to accomplish, with a deadline to meet, starting with a project is your best bet. Each project runs through our design methodology stages.


If you’re in a position where you have an excellent team but require a specific skillset or experience level, we are here to help. Consultation services can be either on a project or an ongoing basis.


Working together as a single unit is essential to our success at Kalapa. Being remote allows for flexibility on where we work, but we cannot accomplish what we do without strong collaboration, open communication, and a deep passion to grow and develop together.


Projects are living, breathing organisms that have a life of their own. Left unattended, trouble can begin to brew. We assure our clients that we are along for the ride and intend to be life-long partners that don’t disappear once a project is shipped. That’s why we offer a number of customizable options for extended support.


We partner with the best platforms in the world to help our clients innovate and succeed. Our partners provide the cutting-edge tools that help our clients exceed their business goals.

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